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      Welcome to Adanov Introductions. Our mission is to bring together men from Western Europe and North America with lonely ladies from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. To do this we have partnered with several introduction, dating and matchmaking agencies specializing in that area of the world. Russian and Ukrainian women are among the finest examples of the fairer sex to be found anywhere in the world. But we have gone the extra step of searching through our partner's databases and selecting only what we feel to be the very best of the best ladies from Russia and Eastern Europe. Most of the Russian and Ukrainian women presented here are under 50, most are unencumbered by the constant demands on their time from young children. Most have jobs and even careers. All are completely unattached but seeking marriage. Most of the ladies are college educated or in college. Many have a good grasp of English, French, German, Spanish or other Western languages. They are all very pretty, sexy and desirable women who would make wonderful wives, mothers, lovers and lifetime partners.

      The Russian women and ladies from other Eastern European nations we have selected all share the dream of finding and marrying a good man from North America or Western Europe and building a happy family. The collapse of the Soviet Union, ongoing fighting between Russia and Ukraine, and the resulting economic chaos has left these women with little hope of a happy future in their homeland. The high chronic unemployment and severe rate of alcoholism among the men of their own countries forces them to look to the West for quality husbands. These are not "Mail Order Brides" looking for a rich "sugar daddy" or just looking to get a green card. These are real women who have seen their world fall apart. Unable to find love, happiness and stability in their own countries they look west for a better life. They aren't just looking for rich men or extremely handsome men either. They just want an ordinary guy who will love them and help them build a happy, stable family. Every woman here has known hardship, uncertainty and strife, so they are not as spoiled, demanding, jaded and high-maintenance as many Western women tend to be. We feel that the women on our pages would make amazing wives, lovers, mothers and lifelong companions.

      Our ladies pages will be updated every few weeks so check back from time to time to see new additions. You could also try searching our database of Russian and Ukrainian women using your own criteria for your perfect mate. We have a powerful search engine that allows you to comb through a massive matchmaking database and find ladies just right for you based on your own personal preferences. You can run a search based on region of the world, country, age, height, weight, religion, with or without children, hobbies, etc.

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